Al Ain Malankara Catholic Community

AL AIN a beautiful province of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, has many natural and artificial points of interest both for religious and otherwise oriented persons. Al Ain “the spring” is truly worth its name because it is said that “it is a “spring” that refreshes men and camels” alike.

The Catholic community started worshiping in a church for the first time in 1969. It was around the year 2000 that we were able to feel the immediate presence, direct personal experience, and true taste of the Malankara catholic togetherness. Ever since the time of Reverend Father Chacko Mannissery OFM Cap., the community has been growing slowly but steadily. Reverend Fathers Jerome Peedikapparampil, O.I.C. and Mathai Iranathara, O.I.C. accelerated the work already begun.


It was the common bond of togetherness that this community has become viable and convincingly devotional. This coming together is one of our “little flock” communities of the UAE Malankara communion. The interest, earnest participation, and sincere involvement this community puts forward are greatly laudable. The Christian spirit of sacrifice and dedication is very well visible in their involvement in liturgical celebration and other community activities. They maintain a friendly and shared leadership in the upbringing of the community.