Ras Al Khaimah Malankara Catholic Community

RAS AL KHAIMAH Catholic Community is the youngest of the communions in the United Arab Emirates. This community, though small in size, maintains its own fervor and piety especially because of the past they have encountered and overcome. Their devotion practically advanced in and through their restricted family togetherness. The present church building was inaugurated on December 17, 2005. Reverend fathers from Sharjah took care of this community until March, 2006, when Reverend father John Vandreleen was appointed parish priest. Reverend father Mathew Fernandez took charge after few months and served almost for two years. The fruits of the hard work of all the previous fathers were handed over to Reverend Father Thomas Ampattukuzhy OFM since 2008, and he is now full time occupied with his mission both at RAK and Umm Al Quwain.


The Malankara Catholic Community began to have liturgical celebration every month since 2006. It is one of the “little flock” communities, but very fervent and dedicated. The beauty of its size and the openness of its spiritual simplicity are very evident in all aspects of spiritual and otherwise. Thazhayil C. Thomas arrived in RAK in 1977 and eventually got involved with the church matters along with his wife Rita Teacher. Thomas John who arrived in subsequent years dedicated himself as the main help to the parish priest .He is retired and lives with his family in Kerala. The Malankara community will always remember his dedication and love for the church. It has been the enthusiasm of these forerunners as well as some of the late arrivals that we are able to hold Malankara service at RAK. The support and encouragement of the parish priest and members of this parish do help us to go ahead to help one another to Grow as Church. Our special thanks and gratitude to Father Thomas are acknowledged herewith.